About Us

The journey

Designs By Lance was founded in April 2020. It was the beginning of the global pandemic, Covid-19 in South Africa! With that being said, there is no right time to start a business. However Covid made it a lot more difficult and Founder and CEO, Chanté Theron,decided “it is now or never” .She had little to no capital to start a business, but only her skills and knowledge she had gained over the years. Loads of research and late night planning lead her to the decision of registering and starting a one-man digital and branding business, Designs By Lance.  Chanté had very few tools to assist her and  like many of us, felt it might all fail. But she held onto her faith, dedication and goals. How did she do it you might wonder? She started by posting on social media and before she knew it, she had clients. Now, most of her clients come from “word of mouth”-imagine that! Talk about excellent customer service and quality!

Designs By Lance have grown into a group of extraordinary individuals who are passionate about they do. We have strong communication and creative skills and bring them to life when engaging with our clients. With Designs By Lance at your side you could be sure to get the “extra mile” service. Our team believes in women-empowerment and outsource work to create some sort of employment to those who would like to build on their portfolio and expand their skillset. We as individuals have a hunger for success however moreover being of value. We might be a small business but with your support we are living out our dreams. Contact us today, we will be more than happy to assist and support you on your digital journey!